Don't Buy The Lie

“Don’t Buy The Lie” reflects women’s indecent representation in current media, and how that then affects their self-esteem. “The Perfect Body” has transformed into something nearly impossible, yet girls continue to strive for it, harming themselves in the process. This film will challenge society’s norms and shed light on the silver lining packaged with every lie.


“The Perfect Body”: Nancy Arnstein

Actors (in order of appearance):

Bailey Mamac

Melissa Mishima

Ashley Marxsen

Liv Peralta

Berkana McDowell

Sidney Grimsley

Mia Zarella

Morgan Schaefer

Changsun Lee

Ana Rodriguez

Kela Ziegner

Maddy Memering

Michael Noon

Sela Goto


Director, Screenplay, Cinematographer, Editor: Liv Peralta


Should We All Wake Up: Eric composition: Peter Rucci

Thank you everyone for agreeing to be in my film! Special thanks to Sunny for lending me her camera, and to Mr. Rucci for composing the music. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help and support! I hope you like it!

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