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Skirt Strategies Second Edition (2012) offers a refreshing approach to leadership ideas, techniques, and reminders for women in positions of influence. Inspiring, interesting, and filled with ideas and reminders for keeping you on top of your leadership style.use Skirt Strategies for conducting mentoring sessions, leading discussions in women's network groups or mastermind meetings, starting a book club at work, or journaling your personal leadership trek.skirt Strategies is filled with over 200 pages of leadership techniques that address your style, situations with male-dominated workplaces, effective approaches to difficult situations, and how to avoid the pitfalls of a typical female leader. Some tips remind you of the critical fundamentals for anyone needing to maintain their influence, while others take you to a more challenging level. Occasionally you'll see a light-hearted no-brainer that we enjoy sharing.this is a terrific resource for initializing a women's network discussion, as well as a rich resource for scheduling mentoring sessions around. You'll never be at a loss again for a topic to spark a lively interaction.what Others Are Saying About Skirt Strategies: for those of us that are trying to balance the many aspects of our lives, Skirt Strategies provides impactful reminders on how to excel in business and in life! I can only add one more tip to make it 250keep it handy and read it any time you get to a low point in your day...lori K. Megownvp Program Enterprisemtv Networkskatie is a talented leader and expert in helping women succeed. Her passionate renditions of life-changing experiences and resolutions she has reached afford an educational opportunity to those women who may need it most, or to those who just need a little reminder of what it takes to succeed. Katie is not making chicken soup here she is providing the ingredients, information and insight that encourage women to become enthusiastic, dynamic leaders. What better person to learn from than one of the most dynamic, enthusiastic leaders herself.connie Beimerformer Deputy Chief of Staffgovernor Bill Richardsonread a page. Read it all. Skirt Strategies is a confident read that will make you thinkand make you smile!jackie S. Woodwardvice Presidentmedia and Marketing Servicesmillercoorswhat has always impressed me about Katie's advice is how immediately useful it is in everyday workplace situations (works for personal relationships too!)

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